The NETAS ALTILIUMTM modules are stationary domestic production, commercial on-scale hydrogen energy storage and supply units which are designed to store electrical energy from low-cost renewables at peak generation in conjunction with real-time demand; providing FCAS and INTEGRATED DSM as per the creation of “Artificial Demand”.

That is the instantaneous and rampable demand NETAS ALTILIUMTM units provide when remotely operated by the network operator(s) of electrical grid(s).

INTEGRATED DSM stands for Intelligent. Network. Targeted. Electricity. Generation; Real-time. Adjustable. Total. Energy. Derivative. + Demand Side Management.

The NETAS ALTILIUMTM units provide deep capacity energy storage for intermittent renewables as part of a systematic approach at creating a reliable and sustainably driven green energy future.

We are taking the ‘sum of the many’… the ‘INTEGRATED approach’ at creating a large-scale storage solution via the implementation of > 1000’s of the NETAS ALTILIUMTM units hence “sum of the many” that allows for grid stability as well as the mass-scale uptake of hydrogen vehicles both ICE and FCEV.


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