In 2022, 9 Tech Solutions joined the Perth and Peel hydrogen cluster as a hydrogen producer. As part of 9 Tech Solutions Project NETAS development; involvement in the Perth and Peel cluster offers the ability for the company as a hydrogen production SME, to engage similar companies operating in this space. The company also brings the possibility of incorporating the intended Innovation Precinct – in development by PPHC- as a central point of operation (Headquarters) for hydrogen training and NETAS system development.

Our demonstrated capability we seek to bring in Perth and Peel regions and beyond incorporates:

Mechanical engineering (Hydrogen Technology Development)

    • Cryogenics engineering
    • Hydrogen liquefaction
    • R&D Expertise in liquid hydrogen storage & production.
    • Technology evaluation
    • Engineering preliminary design
    • Manufacturing & fabrication
    • Thermodynamic/economic analysis

We seek to take our skills and learnings from the development of our NETAS Altilium system to the regions, expanding deployment of our technology post project NETAS and expanding the economic complexity and Australian content of advanced manufacturing opportunities to the regions.