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Who are we?

We are a start-up engineering company based in Perth Western Australia founded in 2017 by Kent Ramsey on tackling big problems regarding energy conservation and automation. With 25+ years of engineering experience, having worked as a mechanical engineer in the subsea oil and gas industry, Kent acknowledged that taking alternative approaches was necessary for finding solutions to the big problems of today.

At 9 Tech Solutions solving big problems in alternative ways is our passion and what makes us unique.

When he founded the company in early 2017, assessing peer reviewed literature and reports regarding climate change; Kent knew that previously proposed solutions to energy storage and simply retro-fitting current renewables into the hydrocarbon energy distribution model was not going to be sufficient enough to tackle climate change. Work has since been rigorously undertaken on the company’s own renewable energy storage system.

Currently here at 9 Tech we are developing a hydrogen energy storage unit designed to provide real-time Demand Side Management (DSM) and deep energy storage for the electric grid. The technology has been rigorously engineered for both its own performance characteristics but also its desired macro-scaled influence and capability the technology brings to energy production and cost mitigation. We are very excited with this technology and believe it to be the “Jump-Start” needed for large scaled renewables implementation and emissions reduction.

We find solutions using technology to solve problems. We think outside the box to find unique solutions that are “game changing”. We innovate to bring customer solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs and reduced emissions. At 9 Tech Solutions, we engineer solutions in key fields such as energy conservation, renewables, automation and cryogenics to bring sustainability and reliability for projects we undertake. We tackle the big problems; finding solutions to the problems others do not is our drive and what makes us unique.

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Our Team

Kent Ramsey
Kent RamseyGeneral Manager/ Founder | B Eng. (Hons), Grad Dip Eng.

Kent has focussed on developing and applying technology to improve productivity and efficiency in current and future industries. Kent has the ability and experience to bring concepts into reality with the application of experience and engineering science. Kent has 25 years of experience in Oil & Gas ranging from subsea, ROV to LNG facilities, technical engineering and project management. Kent is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) with both detailed technical engineering capability, coupled with project management and project delivery experience.
Kent graduated in 1991 with honours in Mechanical Engineering. During his professional career Kent has added a Post Graduate Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering, technical electronics (Trade level) and is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration. Kent has acquired the technical knowledge, real world skills executing projects and the management and business acumen to drive 9 Tech Solutions to commercial success.

Jayden Ramsey
Jayden RamseyCo-Founder | Bachelor of Chemistry at Murdoch University

Jayden has a passion in the energy sector, understanding current proposals for emissions reduction are not having the necessary effect, he seeks to provide energy solutions in the tackle against climate change. He is a committee member of the Young Chemist Society based in Perth and an active graduate member of the Australian Energy Institute. He was a 2017 New Colombo Plan scholarship recipient having studied in Hefei, China as part of the future chemists international summer program. Jayden seeks to apply his physical chemistry body of knowledge toward the development of energy storage technologies, particularly around hydrogen and the development of the NETAS Altilium. Jayden has an extensive body of knowledge in the hydrogen field with extensive research and development experience and continues his academic development in a Masters of Renewable and Sustainable energy.


Matthew Vigus
Matthew VigusTechnical Consultant | BEng(Hons) BCom FIEAust CPEng NER

Matt is an experienced chartered professional engineer who delivers value by simplifying and applying engineering innovation, to solve the toughest problems. Over 20 years, Matt has been a key innovator in start-ups and global energy companies – delivering from the concept stages through to final project solutions. Matt brings specialist expertise in the areas of Energy, Thermodynamics, Finite Element Analysis, and 3D design. His diverse background includes experience in public relations for a global energy company, Technical Sales & Marketing, as well as Project Management and Project Engineering for projects to $100M USD. Many of Matt’s innovations including patented designs, were included in the development of renewable energy technology, leading to the subsequent investment of more than $50M AUD. Matt has been a founding advisor to 9 Tech Solutions consulting on the company’s technological innovation and commercial development strategy.


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