At 9 Tech Solutions we have developed a keystone technology, which at scale can facilitate deep utilisation of intermittent renewables, whilst maintaining grid stability and reliability. We can only achieve a renewable energy future by changing the energy system from a “Demand driven, generation responding energy system to a generation driven, demand responding energy system”. The 9 Tech Solutions NETAS ALTILIUMTM has the features and systems necessary to facilitate that change.

Cost effective energy storage solutions are by far the most needed gap in today’s low cost renewable energy system. With low-cost intermittent renewable electricity generation, storage solutions are paramount to ensure grid stability and reliability of power. Various technologies have been utilized as a means for creating the necessary storage needed for a renewably driven future.

9 Tech Solutions shall provide packaged solutions, utilising wholesale renewable energy or on site single axis tracking solar with hydrogen production and storage. Included in the packaged solution are the plant and equipment necessary, to utilise the hydrogen and thermal energy streams.

Currently established technologies are:

INTEGRATED DSM technology developed by 9 tech solutions company based in Perth, Australia
  • Electrochemical Batteries – Are storage solutions such as lead acid, Li-Ion and Ni-Cd batteries and flow batteries where electricity is stored electrochemically where osmotic difference lay the basis of energy storage.

  • Thermal – capturing heat and cold to create energy on demand to offset energy needs.

  • Mechanical Storage – Utilising the inertia of mechanical objects and storing energy in the form of angular momentum where it can be used to generate electricity for short periods as “buffer” for grid stability.

  • Chemical Batteries – Where electricity is stored in the form of chemical bonds and or states such as in the production of hydrogen via electrolysis etc. These types of batteries are more appealing for higher power applications.

  • Pumped Hydropower – creating large-scale reservoirs of potential energy where a ‘Head’ of water is converted into kinetic energy, the flowing water spins turbines to generate electricity. This type of technology can utilise surplus energy to pump water up to the higher reservoir(s) to repeat the process of generation at a later stage.

energy storage technology developed by 9 tech solutions company based in Perth, Australia

All of the energy storage technologies listed are focussed on industrial applications. At 9 Tech Solutions, we seek to provide an enhanced energy model that conforms to the high-power utility of hydrogen but with the high systems efficiency gained by capturing and monetising the thermal heat streams. With the flexibility of demand-side management the NETAS ALTILIUMTM can achieve a balanced energy system with highly variable intermittent energy sources. NETAS ALTILIUMTM hydrogen battery technology is focused on the production and use of hydrogen at the highest pricing point in the energy supply chain. This provides a customer “value proposition” without a price on carbon.

We intend to create grid stability through what we like to call INTEGRATED DSM. We have the ability to provide real-time controllable demand for electricity network operators, whilst tapping into pre-existing infrastructure. Our technology has the ability to get around the “chicken or egg” conundrum surrounding hydrogen implementation by having the ability to supply BOTH the refuelling infrastructure and facilitate the H2 vehicle fleet at the same time!

We at 9 Tech Solutions are very excited and driven to ensure not only our technology, but our energy model is developed to enable renewable energy to dominate. 9 Tech Solutions will be at the forefront of the hydrogen economy, facilitating low emission energy generation and uptake of H2 technologies in this decade, the hydrogen decade!


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